Healthy Japan - Web Redesign

Located in the three convenient locations in Visalia and Tulare. At Healthy Japan, every dish is created using only the freshest, finest ingredients. Web Design    |    Visual Design    |   Interaction Design    |   User Research
About Project

For this project my goal was to redesign the website for Healthy Japan to make it more interactive, mobile-friendly, and user-focused. Their website is a place where customers and visitors can get an idea of the food and setting of the environment. Healthy Japan counter-serve chain featuring sushi, udon, teriyaki bowls & more in a casual space.

Project Goals

These are the 3 main goals for this redesign project:
-- Enchanting the restaurant navigation functionality of the landing page
-- Clear call to action
-- Utilize imagery to highlight main content and high-priority information

The Challenge
First Thoughts

The healthy Japan website at first glance looked like a very outdated website. It just lacked usability and wasn’t very pleasing to the eye. There was also a poor use of imagery for a food chain that needed to be fixed. The text and content lack consistency and purpose. Challenge: Redesign site to make it more attractive and usable to Healthy Japan customers.

Research Phase

After speaking to the customers and employees at Healthy Japan I got an insight on the personas. So I selected 3 to focus on for this project. These personas were key in understanding the need for visitors and were great for me on aligning with the struggles that visitors would encounter coming to the site. So I drew several insights to accommodate these customers in my designs.


To understand more about the difficulties faced and types of information people typical look for on restaurant websites. I sent out a survey to people that I know around Tulare and Visalia. From the 20 responses I received, we drew important information to help us prioritize the content and features to be shown on our website.

Research Phase
Competitive Analysis

Tulare and Visalia are small towns so Healthy Japan has a lot of competition in the center valley. So I completed a competition analysis to understand how I can gain a competitive edge via usability/UX.

User Testing (Current Website)

To further analyze the usability and functionality of the current website, we conducted 5 testing sessions to identify problems and gain data on what our participants like and would like to see on the website.

Design Phase
Design Strategy

For this project I used the PET (Persuasion, Emotion, Trust) design as the basis for my design strategy. From this strategy, I prioritized the content and components to be included in our wireframe.

Iteration Process: Design, Test, Refine

- Sketches: Created initial hand drawn sketches for ideation based off insights from our user research and strategy.
- Wireframes: Created low-fidelity mock-ups using sketch to show the placement of each component.
- Visual Components: Created individual components based on our clients branding and style guide using photoshop.
- Prototypes: Created clickable prototypes with screen transitions using Marvel.

Final Phase

After creating the finalized version of our prototype, I conducted user tests on the current and new design to benchmark several usability ratings. The most notable increase in the ratings demonstrates an enhanced usability of the website (the faster user were able to navigate the site on web or mobile). The colors are more vibrant than the current site and the images helped give visitors a better idea of the food options. Plus the call to action is intuitive and user friendly.

Final Thoughts

Overall this project was a big challenging and learning experience for me. Over the 8 weeks, I seen how much I’ve grown personally and of course professional as a designer. It was a hard process working throughout this project working on it by myself. I am very thankful for the advice from other designers that helped make sure I was on the right track. I’m also thankful for the client for being very easy to communicate with throughout the process.